Hi, I’m Allison.

I design products that foster connections between people, places, and things.

For the past three years, I've been redesigning Yelp.com. This includes creating a completely new experience for the business page, where visitors are immersed in reviews, photos, and other information that helps them decide whether or not to engage with a business. As part of the biz page design, I also crafted a comprehensive, living styleguide. You can read about my process on Medium. My design leadership is changing the way Yelp makes its products by embracing emotion and delight, while consistently honoring our content and the context in which people use our products. We're making good progress.

Before Yelp and sunny San Francisco, I earned my MFA in Interaction Design at School of Visual Arts in New York. As part of my work there, I launched Scrit Scrit, a platform for capturing and sharing handcrafted words and doodles, which enabled a whole new group of people become makers. I also transformed the experience of bicycling over the Williamsburg Bridge from frightening to fantastic, drawn attention to flaws in the Nike+ GPS system, and and took the boredom out of riding the subway by way of irreverent companionship.

My work has been featured by the Center for an Urban Future, Fast Company, TechCrunch, and the BBC.

Besides design, I love my wife Amy, our dog Mac, rock climbing, bike riding, and all kinds of noodles. You can find me all over the internet as allisonacs.